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The company Jukan Sävel offers music and audio services in FIVE distinct areas of expertise:

A. MUSIC PERFORMANCES on the piano or the organ (You can listen to my recorded performances on the PIANISTI tab).

B. BACKING TRACKS ARRANGEMENTS for soloist recordings in the studio (included in the studio price of 260 € per day).

C. MUSIC RECORDING in my digital multitrack studio (Savolankatu 6, SAVONLINNA), housing ca 10 musicians.

D. MUSIC RECORDING in another venue (with portable equipment and) and

E. MUSIC NOTATION of the client´s music into smart, print-ready PDF files (plus a separate MusicXML data file thrown in as a bonus).

    A simple sheet will cost 15 €, two-sided or larger (or multi-voiced) notes will cost 30 € apiece.

You can see a picture gallery from my studio interiors on the KUVIA tab.

Whenever You wish to know more or make an inquiry about anything, mail me by double-clicking the link below: